Sunday, September 14, 2014

Replanting succulent plants for the hot and humid tropical climate

Following is quick video on how I replant my succulent plants purchased from commercial nursery.   This is very different from how I replant my tropical plants as I will not go through the drastic step of removing all the soil mix that comes with the plants.  However, I find this a MUST for succulent plants in order to prevent any root rot in the hot and humid tropical climate.

As for the soil mix, I generally used very coarse materials and very little organic matters.  My mix is made up of following materials (depending on availability):
1) Drainage and support : pumice, perlite, lava rock, small broken pieces of bricks or charcoal
2) Water retention: vermiculite (10% of total volume)
3) Slow release fertilizer (as per manufacturer recommendation).

Please feel free to comment or provide any suggestion. 

Happy Gardening!!!

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